Neubrex introduced NEUBRESCOPETM

NEUBRESCOPE, the first and only commercially available cm-order Brillouin distributed strain and temperature sensing system. It provides highly accurate and reliable measurements data over long distance, using optical fiber. The first and only hybrid Brillouin-Rayleigh sensing system, which is capable of separating strain and temperature values in single SM fiber and offers spatial resolution as high as 2 cm.

Advanced technologies for:
Optical fiber distributed Structural Health Monitoring
in various Applications
High measurement accuracy and high
spatial resolution with NEUBRESCOPETM
Optical fiber sensor FutureNeuro
3D in situ analysis software and service with NEUBRESTATIONTM

What's New

2024/04/03 FutureNeuro Lineup We have released a new product FN-EBSM-01, an embossed type sensor cable with built-in SM/MM optical fibers that enables strain and temperature measurements with a single cable. (News Release)
2024/01/09 NEUBRESCOPE Lineup Renewed the new DAS NEUBRESCOPE NBX-S4100 series, equipped with state-of-the-art TGD-OFDR technology enabling high quality DAS measurement.


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