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Every point of the optical fiber is a sensor !

NEUBRESCOPE™ is the world only cm-order distributed temperature / strain sensing system, implementing breakthrough Pulse-PrePump BOTDA technology.


NBX-7000 series

First ever, the NBX-7000 hybrid sensing system combines advantages of both Brillouin and Rayleigh backscattering phenomena. It removes the influence of temperature on strain, and vice versa, and allows one to obtain pure strain and temperature values in any single mode optical fiber.

NBX-8000 series

With a unique optical pulse configuration and signal processing technology based on the PSP-BOTDR (Phase Shift Pulse BOTDR) method, this model measures distributed strain / temperature with high resolution and high accuracy by connecting one end of optical fiber to instrument.


NBX-S4000 series

This is a state-of-the-art DAS (Distributed acoustic sensing) instrument that can obtain high-quality distributed acoustic information using its unique optical pulse configuration and signal processing technology based on TGD-OFDR (Time-Gated Digital Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometry).


NBX-6000 series

It provides highest spatial resolution of 2 cm, maintaining highest measurement accuracy of 7 με(0.3ºC) , highest measurement Repeatability of 2με(2ºC), and maximum speed of 550Hz. Each model with the special feature is available for many usages.

NBX-5000 series

BOTDR(Brillouin Optical Time Domain Reflectmetry) model NBX-5000 can measure with single-end access.
It realizes both high cost performance and better repeatability than traditional BOTDR instruments by taking advantage of accumulated know-how for developing a lot of instruments.

NBX-N9000 series

The NBX-N9000 Series ERA-BOTDA is a novel Brillouin backscattering-based Interrogator for the network loss measurement of Passive Optical Networks (PONs). With its unique designs of Brillouin frequency sweeping and the End Reflection Assisted time domain analyzing technology, the link loss and link profile of each individual branch after splitter can be measured and monitoring.

NBX-1000 series

NBX-1000 is optical switch module specially designed for NEUBRESCOPE. It supports single-ended or double-ended optical fiber, and can switch 8-channel or 16-channel optical fibers for measurement. It can be easily controlled / programmed on NEUBRESCOPE GUI and enables monitoring of multiple optical fibers by automatic switching.

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