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Corporate Overview

Neubrex was started in 2002 as a spin-off company based in Osaka, Japan. Its Distributed Temperature and Strain Sensing (DTSS), known as NEUBRESCOPE, is the ONLY cm-order spatial resolution system in the world.

While Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) has achieved a great success in many applications, the DTSS is the next front-runner technology. DTSS can provide not only temperature but also the deformation profiles along optical fiber, over distances reaching up to tens of kilometers.

Although Neubrex achieved a breakthrough in optical sensing technology, it is not just a Fiber Optics (FO) system supplier. Neubrex also gathered a strong team of engineers, specializing in computational mechanics, database, and project management. The NEUBRESTATION™ and NEUBREGATE applications expand the Neubrex’s commercial lineup. Building upon these systems, Neubrex developed the world leading photonic smart structure, i.e., the cutting-edge technologies in FO module packaging, FO installation, reliable data analysis, and remote information control and sharing. Those technologies enable the company to provide a complete industrial solution to its customers. Despite that Neubrex started its business only 2 years ago, it has already achieved a wide acceptance of world blue-chip companies in the fields of:

  • Upstream Oil & Gas
  • Aerospace
  • Plant maintenance
  • Fiber optical manufacture
  • Civil engineering


President and C.E.O., Kinzo Kishida

Neubrex Co., Ltd. Sakaemachidori 1-1-24, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, 650-0023 JAPAN [map]

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