Neubrex introduced NEUBRESCOPETM

NEUBRESCOPE, the first and only commercially available cm-order Brillouin distributed strain and temperature sensing system. It provides highly accurate and reliable measurements data over long distance, using optical fiber. The first and only hybrid Brillouin-Rayleigh sensing system, which is capable of separating strain and temperature values in single SM fiber and offers spatial resolution as high as 2 cm.

Advanced technologies for:
Optical fiber distributed Structural Health Monitoring
in various Applications
High measurement accuracy and high
spatial resolution with NEUBRESCOPETM
3D in situ analysis software and service with NEUBRESTATIONTM

What's New

2017/09/13-15 Exhibition & Conference SMAR 2017, the International Conference on Smart Monitoring, Assessment and Rehabilitation.
Venue: Zurich, Switzerland
2017/09/11 [NEUBRESCOPE Lineup] NEUBRESCOPE NBX-6026/NBX-6056
The new PPP-BOTDA interrogator with the best repeatability for high accuracy measurement. 

2017/09/05 [NEUBRESCOPE Lineup] NEUBRESCOPE NBX-5101.
The new BOTDR/COTDR interrogator with its measurement distance is up to 80km.
2017/08/22 [NEUBRESCOPE Lineup] NEUBRESCOPE NBX-7021.
The new flagship interrogator with its functions of BOTDR/PPP-BOTDA/TW-COTDR. New released with built-in operation controller and data analyzer.
2017/04/06 [Service&Support] New FutureNeuro sensing cable products are now on sale.
The catalogs are available: Emboss Cable FN-SILL-3 for Civil engineering applications and Easy installation
FiberTape FN-SSL-3

New Products
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